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Reloading /Difference between Military and commerial brass ?

I do not reload at this time but keep all my brass for when ever I do . I like to slowly waid out into the waters before jumping in .

So I saw this reply on another thread
I was surprised when I loaded winchester brass in place of military brass. With military, I used 25.9 grains of 748, and with winchester it took 26.4 grains to get good results. Brass thickness made a significant difference.
And it got me thinking . What is the difference between Military and commerial brass ?

How can I tell them apart once they are fired and all sitting in the same bucket ?

Is it as easy as looking at the bottom of the case to see how its marked ?

If its 5.56 its military brass period , no matter who makes it ? and vise versa for the 223 as far as commercial ?

Can 223 brass handle the same pressuers as 5.56 ?

Do you not worry about looking to see what type of case it is and just wiegh each one before you reload and that will tell you how to proceed to the next step ?

Lets say I have a 223 bolt gun and an AR15 chambered in 5.56 and want to load the perfect rond for each . Lets also say I like the same bullet and wieght for both or even same bullet different wieghts . How do I differentiate 223 from 5.56 when reloading

Im sorry if it's alot to ask and if one answer begets the next which Im guessing will happen .

Anything that helps me understand a little better would be greatly appreciated
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