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Originally Posted by TheDutchman19
We will be hunting in Utah. He said to expect 250-500 yards. He shoots a 300 Win Mag and absolutely loves it. His last cow was just over 500 yards. I have not shot anything past 200 yards, so its all new territory for me. Before this post I thought no way would the 308 work, but it sounds like in the right terrain it would be fine,but where we are going I might need to pass on elk that are far out.
Doesn't matter what you use if you've never shot anything past 200 yards. 200 yards is your limit. Unless you're using an M1 Abrams battle tank, there's no making up for ability with caliber or power.

.308 is plenty if you make a good shot at 200 yards. 50BMG won't help at 500 if you don't.
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