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First off the "gunsmith" is the "gunsmith at YOUR dealer, if he has not been trained to evaluate YOUR pistols, maybe that's something YOU should look into. Why is it my problem, or duty, to evaluate the gunsmith at a dealer listed on your website for competence? Seems to me that if you dont, nobody will.

(Stoeger, by the way has been in the gun business for 50 years)
Why is that relevant?

trained professional gunsmiths who have seen thousands of cougars told you it was fine and normal wear.
LOL, trained gunsmiths who stone a barrel roughly, then hit it with cold blue? Give me a break dude.

AND it still shoots perfectly
Never said it didnt, at all, ever. I dont know why you, or the guys you work for keep bringing that up. To me it's a non issue whether it shoots now. The future is what I am concerned with.

i would agree with is that they should have reblued the barrel
If there was nothing wrong with the pistol, why blue it at all? It wouldnt have needed to be blued had the "factory" not FIXED a pistol that was just fine in the first place? If it was just peachy (like they, and you say it is) why stone the barrel at all?

Look, it's like this. It can be summed up really easily.

I have never owned a Cougar.

I noticed some wear, and brought it to the attention of the gunsmith at the dealer where I purchased it

He told me that it was "potentially" dangerous.

I sent it back, or rather the gunsmith sent it back at my cost.

I got no phone calls from Stoeger CS telling me what they were going to do to the pistol, until it was already back at the range, when I called them to ask what they did.

Obviously I was wrong about it being "potentially dangerous", or I should say that I was misinformed by someone who should know better. That is not Stoegers fault, and I can admit that. I wont be having any dealings with that dealer again.

I fault Stoeger for:

Fixing a pistol that wasnt broken, and doing a crappy job of it. My ignorance in not knowing it wasnt broken, I can explain by saying I have never owned one, and took the gunsmiths advice. They have no such excuse.

Not keeping me informed about what they were going to do to my property.

Other than that I consider the case closed as I no longer have the handgun as of this afternoon, I traded it for an M&P with another dealer.
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