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I'm Gifting Two S&W Model 36s This Evening

I have a '66-'67 RB model 36 and a '76-'77 SB model 36 that will go to new homes tonight. My mom and sister will be the recipients. Both of the guns are in excellent shape. I was going to give them each a 442, but I believe those would be a bit too snappy for both of them. At roughly 4 1/2 oz heavier than the 442s, the 36s should handle recoil a bit better. Sp101s would probably be a better choice, but I don't have two of the Rugers lying around.

Neither one can rack a slide well if at all, so, I thought a steel revolver with an external hammer might be closer to the ticket. I guess I'll let them decide who gets the RB and who gets the SB.
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