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WHERE are all the guns?

I wanna know where all the GUNS went!

Gun shows (hahahahahaha) are jerky jokes and camo conventions.
Used guns are garbage.

But I ....know.... peeps have bought AND SOLD many .....great.... guns.
But they disappear. Not even estates. WHERE ARE THEY?

Where are just the ones I ....wish..... I had never sold?

Navy Luger
3 gun set of Brownings
9mm Colt Commander
1st year M70 Win .243 featherweight
Remington rolling block in 7mm
45-70 Springfield 1883
Flat gate Ruger Single Six
Browning Auto shotgun
Ruger #3 carbine in .22 Hornet
Rock-Ola M1 carbine
Winchester M1 Garand
.30 cal Luger
Quackenbush .22
6.5 Jap carbine
.303 British jungle carbine
Colt 1st model replica Dragoon
.380 Browning in addition to the one in the 3 gun set
M42 .410 Winchester shotgun
Railway Express marked .38 S&W Colt New Police
Colt Python.
Misc. .45 autos
MINT Winchester 1894 30-30
..and more

I don't remember if I ....needed... the money.

But where the hell ARE guns like that?
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