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True 6.5 carcano uses a .268 bullet. Most of the 6.5 carcano ammo you find new is .264 in diameter. That's because all the 6.5's these days use that bullet, so it's cheaper to manufacture them all with the same dia. bullet. Hornady is the only one I know that sell a true .268 Carcano load and its available through exclusively. The other stuff ,Prvi partizan, etc; load the .264. It works , but don't expect the accuracy that a true 6.5 (.268) 160 gr. Carcano load will give you.(I can't get less than 3-4" at 100 yds with the .264 dia. loads) If you handload, Graf has the correct bullets also. You can buy the dies from them with a .268 expander, too. The .264 dia.bullet has contributed to tales of the Carcano's inaccuracy. They also have a gain twist barrel, so if someone cut the barrel down, you'll loose accuracy . Yours appears to have been altered a fair amount(stock cut down, top wood handguard missing, M1 carbine front stock retainer, some kind of strange front site/ muzzle device?) Your barrel length(minus the bolt, should measure just under 18" if a carbine and just at 20" if a short rifle) I hope it still shoots OK for you.

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