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One Last Try

Just a final note and a question regarding my C3 saga...

After hearing back from CS that the warrenty wouldn't cover the slide to frame fit, I emailed back and asked if they would do the job if I paid for it. Here was the reply...

Unfortunately once the gun is completed it cannot be modified after the fact. It is important to inspect firearms prior to taking possession of the firearm from your dealer to make sure that the firearm meets your specifications for fit and finish. The gunsmith here has stated that the firearm meets all factory specs. We apologize that we do not offer a service to change the configuration of your slide and frame for either warranty repair or elective service.
I wrote back a final reply...

I'm disappointed that nothing can be done, but you are correct that I should have looked it over better before buying it. Although, sometimes it's difficult to send back a special order for a "minor" issue. I am learning that some manufacturers care more about fit and finish than others. My 1911s from Colt, Kimber, Remington, and Dan Wesson all have frames that match up with the slides. On a positive note, I did take my pistol out on Saturday, and only had one failure to eject. Other than that, it ran well. And, the accuracy was more than I had hoped for. Given the accuracy I got, I can accept a little carelessness in the fitting process. It is a beautiful piece!
By the way, my best group standing at 7 yards measured 5/8" center to center.

So, despite Sig's "To Hell and Back Reliability"... it appears one can't get a Sig to New Hampshire and back!

One question... Is it really true, regarding slide to frame fit at the rear of the two pieces, that "once the gun is completed it cannot be modified after the fact"? I had thought that it was possible, else I would not have asked about paying to have it done.

No need to defend Sig's decision, as I'm sure it will serve me well for a long time.
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