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I am eyeing the Remington R1 Enhanced, Springfield R/O or Loaded, Ruger SR etc etc.
Any of these are going to be well made mid-grade 1911s. Since you haven't provided what your specific dollar amount is, your intentions of use, and how important certain features are possible, this is the order I have them in:

1. Springfield R/O
2. " Loaded
3. Remington R1 Enhanced
4. Ruger SR

I own 3 of the 4 mentioned. I don't have an R/O, yet. Reason why I put it at the top is you get top notch fitment that's above and beyond the loaded model with target sights. Believe me, it was tough to do that because my Loaded is a very well made and very reliable from day one. Although not the Enhanced, I have an R1 and the overall fit/finish beats out my Ruger. The Ruger has more features and is stainless, but the higher price tag and the R1's insanely smooth action bests it in my opinion. Also, I'm disappointed in Ruger's trigger. Doesn't seem to have very good fit/finish and the break is...OK.
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