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Also, I was curious what annealing machine you guys use and how many reloads you go before annealing?
While I would really like to have an annealing machine, there is no way I can justify the expense. I also wouldn't like to have to adjust for various cases. The process I use is covered very well here. I "previously" used the water pan method, but it lacks a positive temperature indicator and the heat isn't uniformly applied. Both are issues.

How many loads? Too many variables to pick a single number. How hot are your loads? 222 Rem or 22-250 Rem are significantly different cartridges to load for and how often you anneal. Also I now use the Lee Collet die and when I need to bump the shoulder, I use the Redding body die with minimal shoulder movement (as mentioned by another poster). Brass handled this way rarely needs to be annealed. If you are using a traditional FL sizing die with 22-250 brass loaded near maximum where the die significantly undersizes the neck, then the expander has to open it up for bullet seating - you better anneal about every 3'rd loading. If you don't, you are going to start seeing some cases with split neck before the 5'th loading.
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