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357 Sig is a fine round with adequate power, but the cost of ammo will keep it down. As far as reloading a bottle neck case I have no problem with it I have loaded 1000's of 7.62x25 and after I refined my presses have no problem with it, in fact I haven't shot a factory load since the first term of "slick willy" and do not intend to.
I think I would like a 357 Sig when I find one I can trade for or get reasonable, shot a couple and it seems to be great. I also like the 7.62x25, and 357 Mag, and 44 Mag and 45's I like power can't stand a wimpy round in a hand gun or rifle. Smallest rifle round is a 30/06 largest is a 577-450 and looking for a 50/70, o did I mention I like power?
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