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serious gun question

Hello there..
Not sure if this is the right place to ask this but here goes.
My Mom was murdered by her boyfriend, who happens to be an ex-RCMP.
They were together for 7 yrs. He shot her in the head, with a 9mm cz, hollow point bullets, from about 5 feet away after a heated argument. in her face under her eye. The question is this, she apparently had a knife in her hand, if she had the knife when shot, would it fall out of her hand? or would it be clenched in her hand? We think he placed it in her hand, and so does the investigator. He is trying to fight the second-degree murder charge.
Can anyone give an opinion? I know nothing about guns, but I do know about his past, and he is an evil man who had not one shred of remorse. In fact they let him out on bail, and he was skiing 3 months later. He is now back in jail for breech of bail....
I am just looking for answers, as it is her word against his, and she is gone.
My Mother had not a bad bone in her body, she was a nurse, and an amazing woman....
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