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i definitely want double/single action, i dont care if there is a safety,i do prefer new over used. i went and looked more today and narrowed it down to Glock 22, Px4 Storm, CZ P-07, and S&W MP40, used for home defense and ccw.
Well of the guns you have listed only the CZ and the Beretta Storm are DA/SA guns. The other two are striker fired DAO. If I were you I would add the Sig Pro SP2022 to your list. Great $400 Sig.

Also your intend use makes this a tougher call. You are looking for an all around gun which means you will have to give up something in order to accommodate all the rolls. For example house guns are typically larger than CCW guns.

I would try to shoot the ones you have narrowed the list down to. One will jump out at your and work better for you than another and you never really know which one until you have some trigger time on the gun. IMHO
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