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I want a 1911 too and a 357 and a dozen other guns. Just totally don't need them and I'm OK with that.

If you go for a 1911 from what I've seen there are lots of different makers and models. I'd stick with a standard one. By standard I don't mean plain but mean whatever the 1911 club recommends. Not individuals recommending their pet gun that is totally reliable so long as you hold your mouth right but one that is nearly universally recommended as a solid entry piece. Since I've started buying the standard weapons in whatever category I'm life has got easier. Who am I to assume I know more than all the gun folks who have years of experience.

Looks like you've already got some good advice in this thread. Enjoy! Or deprive yourself of buying it for awhile. Then you'll enjoy it even more and make a better informed choice...or change your mind.

Go with the standard or classic.

Reinventing the wheel is costly and usually ineffective.

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