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Hey all you old guys... shooting 200 - 500 yards...

I think it's time for some new glass... I'm finding as I get older my eyes don't seem to be helping me shoot the longer range targets, & I've been lately "mooving up" a couple notches on the power ring of the multi power scopes... I think my highest power "multi" is at 20X ( only one... a Simmons ) ( & no, I'm not bragging about that one, it's left over from a cheaper AR flat top build I did many years ago as a P Dog gun ) & I have a couple unertl's one at 15X & one at 20X in straight powers... but the bulk of my glass ranges from 12 to 16X on the higher ends

I can't honestly justify too many scopes over $500.00 & I don't like when they get so "twitchy" on the big ring with the super high magnification... what kinds / models / powers are you guys using on your casual paper punchers out to between 200 & 500 yards
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