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The problem will be consistency.

Everytime you pull the rifle up to your shoulder, without an index point (cheek weld), you may have to move your head around to find the dot or use a chin weld.

While it might work okay while standing on your back legs, when you are prone or other position it will likely be a real pain to get a good sight picture.

I assume you have a removeable carry handle?

Just get it and try it. If it works for you, drive on. (It probably won't though)

If it doesn't work, worst case you will have to get a spacer to raise it up to your sight line. (I used UTG spacers for my PA M4 to make it like a LT659 mount)

But you will be out the cost of the carry handle mount adapter and it will be hard to sell because not many people want their heads floating in space behind their sight.

If it is because you don't want to buy back up iron sights, just take a dremel and cut the front off the carry handle and voila, you have a home made LMT rear sight and mount the dot in front of the rear sight.

Don't worry about the front sight/rear sight being in the way, they won't be. You won't even be able to see them if you are using the red dot with both eyes open and focusing on the target.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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