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The reason you don't know about them was that they were commercial failures.

The latest one I know of was the .22 CCM - Cooper Centerfire Magnum - a centerfire equivalent of .22 WRM. It could be loaded hotter with a solid head case and the strong Cooper action.
The .22 CCM was the victim of an unfortunate manufacturing failure.
Fiocchi was the only company to produce a large run of .22 CCM ammo, since they were already set up for Velo-Dog production. But... they used a bad lot of alloy when they drew the brass cases. So, they were prone to not just cracking and splitting, but sometimes even crumbling in the hands of the shooter.
A (large) bad lot of cases brought an otherwise good cartridge to premature obsolescence. (Though, that's arguable, since most people consider it to be nothing more than a new name on any number of Maynard cartridges and/or the Velo-Dog.)
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