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I have an RRA Varmitter A4, well made and very accurate. I have the 18" barrel, but them do make barrel up to 26" which I would have preferred but I couldn't find one. Mine is set up for target shooting (bipod, lead weight in the stock and match sights) but have used it on feral hogs...does well in that role. I handload, so I've never had an issue with range. While I haven't pushed it out to 1000 yards, I don't think I'd have too much trouble with the right load, look for something with a 1:7-1:8 twist. If I was looking to fill the SD role and taking out varmits from ground hogs up to feral pigs...I'd lean towards a semi-auto platform.
For bolt actions, I've really become a fan of CZ. They make a high quality rifle and my experience with them as made me a fan. I've used their .22 and 204 Ruger on feral hogs also and both performed well. I was amazed how good I could group with the 204, and the next time I'm in the market for a bolt action rifle I'm going with a CZ.
With the choices you've listed I can't see you going wrong, I like 'em all, it's just a matter of what fits you best.
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