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The ammo that worked in my revolver was Remington Cyclone .22, which the box says is:

Caliber :22 Long Rifle
Bullet Type :Hollow Point
Bullet Weight :36 GR
Muzzle Energy :131 ft lbs
Muzzle Velocity :1280 fps

The ammo that didn't work was Remington Golden Bullet .22 which is also 36 Grain hollow point, but like you said, I think the jackets are different. Either way, its frustrating to have to keep track of. I am going to have to find either something that works good in each one, or one that works good in both and then memorize that and only purchase it.

However, the Golden Bullets seemed to work fine in my Sig 1911-22 and our Ruger 10/22 rifle. I didn't try the cyclones in that. I may next time. I was primarily shooting the Federal, because the guy at the LGS said they make good ammo.
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