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I have a 586 revolver that may be the best shooting revolver I own. It has had an action job because it's a range gun for IDPA. It's not as nicely made as an older gun but this one happens to work. I don't do any work on a carry gun other than shoot it. Most S&W guns, even,the ones they make now, smooth up nicely with use. I have a 625JM that I have lightened the pull on for IDPA, it's very smooth without any polishing. I couldn't get any Federal primers a couple years ago and I had to untune it to make it shoot every time with Winchester primers but it was still smooth even tho a little heavy for my taste. I never had done any tuning on S&W revolvers til I started shooting IDPA, I don't see the need of it for everyday use and I would never lighten the mainspring on a carry gun, it's asking for misfires.
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