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Many poster refer to things that don't often happen, but may be real case in the area they live. I stated in another post that I live in the most dangerous city in America, bar none. Gun violence is a daily, regular, commonplace thing here; sad but true. The citzens that are armed and take action in jack moves, stick ups, and b&e's put down bad guys at a staggering rate, at least twice a month or more we see them on the news telling how the bad guy kicked in the door and they blew them out the window or grandpa showing off his grandkids saying it was no way he was gonna give his car up cause he had to take lil Johnny and lil Suzy to school in the morning so he shot first. Sad to say lots of people are getting shot cause they did not have a gun and or had to trade shots in close quarters. Almost everytime it's an up close affair, do you have rampaging gunman in mall parking lot, office complex, at the movies, yeah sure. I agree that 10 feet will become 50 yards in a hurry cause I'm running away after I get off a couple when that is an option.

I know we have taken a side track but to the orignal point and the bottom line for me is, is each gun we carry has a useful porpose and the tool you pick is the one that fits your carry style and your needs (or precieved needs) the best, and I precieve my needs as up close.
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