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I was wondering what people actually thought "compact" was. To some, a Colt Commander is a compact. I personally think a 4" barrel gun is just about right, at least in 9mm, maybe even in .45. But that reminds me of one of my persistant complaints.

I wish pistols generally had longer barrels. If present trends continue, a conventional pistol will have a 2" barrel and a 30 round magazine. My idea of the perfect size is either a 1903 Browning or a 1903 FN. They look just the same but the FN is actually larger and was chambered for a (slightly) more powerful cartridge. A Browning Hi-Power is pretty good in that respect. But mine is just one voice.

At any rate, Mr. BillCA brings up an interesting point. Most pistol shooting is probably done at indoor ranges. At least it is around here, though Clark Brothers, beyond Warrenton, VA, has an outdoor range for pistols. All of the indoor ranges I've seen were only a maxium of 25 yards. Take your tape measure and go around your property and start measuring distances. It will be interesting. The distance to the path into the woods behind my house is 25 yards. But once I go into the woods, 25 yards seems like no distance at all, some places. Inside the house, it's another story, although here at work, there's probably some straight line-of-sight distances of more than 100 yards and indoors, too.
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