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I don't understand????

After all the talk about how banged up the gun was, I am happy you posted pics. I think you exagerated the "defects" a bit. That is normal wear. When metal rubs metal, metal wears.

What really burns me is how you are berating Stoeger over nothing. It seems to me they made a great product, were fair, responsive, and conclusive. Please correct me if I am wrong, but if I understand what your saying this is what happened=

-Bought a gun that felt perfect in your hand
-fired it extensively
-it shot accurately
-it shot reliably
-you loved it

Then you took it apart and showed it to some "gunsmith" who I'm sure has a hammer and a file and is therefore an "expert" on the Stoeger Cougar who told you it was clearly defective. So you sent it to the manufacturer, who recieved it, evaluated and returned it within 2 weeks. The manufacturer's (Stoeger, by the way has been in the gun business for 50 years) trained professional gunsmiths who have seen thousands of cougars told you it was fine and normal wear. They even personally called and actually spoke to you (or the gunsmith i dont recall) AND it still shoots perfectly...

Yet after all that you are convinced its a defective product and Stoeger did you wrong in some way?

About the only thing i would agree with is that they should have reblued the barrel, but then again it would have just worn off eventually so does that even matter? not really.

I dont get why you are so mad?
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