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The marks on the side/mouth are of no concern, they come from getting dinged on the way out of the gun during ejection. I see them often, I don't give them a second thought and by the time they are loaded again, I either can't see/find them, or I don't care. They don't affect, well, anything, IMO.

The powder choice is BAD and is the limiting factor. Listen to WESHOOT2 as he knows. Titegroup is extremely fast and works best in small volumes at target ranges. You are using a heavy-for-caliber bullet and you are running a HOT load and this is precisely where a powder like Titegroup gets dangerous.

Power Pistol is better suited for this role, but will likely give you more blast, flash and recoil, none of which is what you want MORE of for competition...but if you want to run heavy bullets fast and you want to do it safely, you've got to pay the dues.

STOP running Titegroup this hard in .40 S&W unless you want to be part of the "don't let this happen to you" crowd.
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