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The pinned barrels were eliminated in 1982... There were "transition" revolvers made subsequent to 1982. These had either a pinned barrel, or recessed cylinder. Usually one or the other but not both. These were done as S&W used up parts in inventory. The pinned barrel, in addition to helping visually date the revolver, is indicative of more hand fitting and quality control as well.
This is mostly correct, but IMHO it's helpful to mention a couple of things.
  • Based on what I've seen in collector circles, a limited number of non-pinned S&Ws were sold going back to the early 70s. AFAIK these mostly consist of M60s with a few M67s thrown in. Collectors believe they are the result of some sort of limited factory test program.
  • The L frame M58x/68x models went into production in 1980 without barrel pins from the beginning- or recessed cylinders for that matter. AFAIK "P&R" L frames do not exist and the 1982 cutoff doesn't apply.
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