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I don't know if anybody listens to rap music, but I do I love all music because it gives insight of the personality of the individual and the people that listen to the music and base their lives off of what their favorite artist "claims" that he does. I say all of that to say this; street punks know what glocks, sig sauers , and kimbers are. Extended clips and lasers are the norm in these lyrics. Sad but true. These thugs are out gunning the police and even swat sometimes. A lot of my friends and family arecops. A buddy of mine told me he took a serbu super shorty off a 14 yr old drug dealer. I know, pistol versus a shotgun you're beat anyway. I do respect that you carry what you want, but even 9mm is becoming obselete. That's why I have a 33rd mag on me until I get the g22 out of lay away.
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