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Gah! Why am I still leading?

Original load:
4.4 grains Bullseye
125gr MBC Roundnose
OAL 1.13

Supposedly well within specs for both gun and bullet according to Alliant powder manual. But was getting a lot, and I mean a lot, of lead in the barrel. So badly that I had strips of it hanging from the rifling after 150 rounds.

I dropped the powder load significantly and reduced OAL.
Current load:
3.8 grains Bullseye
125gr MBC RN
OAL 1.10

50 rounds and there is still some lead smearing on the lands. If nothing else, it's better than it was, but still not what I would consider acceptable.

I did slug the barrel and got .355 on the button, give or take .0001 or so. A .356 bullet should be fine, shouldn't it?
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