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I would bet money that if one were to put those two handguns in a Ransom Rest,,,
The difference in accuracy would be negligible if at all.
Gunblast tested the Single Ten in a Ranson Rest with these results. Pretty impressive considering 10 shot groups. Regardless, when it comes to the betting money I'd go with the MK series semi-auto.

Ammunition Group Size
Federal Bulk HP 1.06"
Win. DynaPoint HP 1.43"
PMC Match Solid 1.43"
Wolf Match Solid 1.00"
CCI Mini-Mag HP 0.81"
CCI Mini-Mag Solid 1.12"
Rem.Hi-Speed Solid 1.25"
CCI Velocitor HP 40 1.10"

I do not understand the strong following of the pistol. I don't mean I don't understand why people like the pistol--I understand that.
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