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I agree your .308 is fine. Now, if you must have a new elk rifle (good a reason as any for a new rifle) I did most of my western hunting with a 7mm Rem Mag. Accounted for 2 elk: one at 400, one at 20. Both dropped dead. I like the 7 Mag. Living in eastern Idaho at the time, the most common caliber carried (anecdotal, not a survey) was the .300 Win Mag. Given that I just had to have one, I now carry a .338 Win Mag in honor of my elk hero out there. They all kick, but I think they're tolerable. Since you have a .308, if you reload and want something with a little more reach of the same bore, get the .300 Win Mag. Really, though, most elk are shot at <250 yards, and it doesn't make much difference at that range.
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