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I see 9mm and .40 S&W brass selling in the classified sections of various gun forums I frequent for $35 and $45 per thousand plus shipping. This is generally mixed head stamp range pick-up that hasn't been cleaned or prepped such as you are worried about wasting time with doing and losing profit. I would sell it around that price point, as is, no prep. Make $10-15 more than scrap prices and make a reloader happy. If you choose to clean it ask a slightly higher premium maybe $40 & $50 per 1000 plus shipping.

When I go to the outdoor range at the rod & club, I offer cash money on the table to those shooting the cartridges that I load for, some take the cash others say no thanks because they also load for that caliber. Generally I go by $35/1000, $45/1000, $55/1000 for 9mm,.40s&w, .45 auto, however I do not plan to reload for .40 anytime soon so I do not usually buy any.

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