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Damn Brits. They make it sound like he went out and murdered the BG. From what I read, he simply armed himself, set himself up in a familiar, defendable area, and took action when he needed to. The "lay in wait" comment is complete BS. The guy's 92yo, I think I'd be sitting in a comfortable armchair too if I were him
Furthermore, quoting him as saying "'These people aren’t worth any more to me than a groundhog," seems to serve no purpose other than to show Mr. Jones in a bad light. The fact that someone burglarized his house the way a groundhog would tear up his property seems to me to be an accurate and perfectly acceptable metaphor.
I have a mild interest in guns. Actually, I think the clinical term is "obsession," but that makes me sound like some kind of gun-nut. Which is fair, since I am.

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