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OK, one more series of babbling.

Powder metering:
748 - excellent.
H4895 - not the best but seems to not suffer from the crunching.
IMR4895 - the same as H4895, also very close to H4895 in use.
IMR4350 (for .308) - maybe a little less crunch than H4895/IMR4895.
Varget - very good.

I have found two loads for the .223/5.56 using X4895 powders that I like. It takes many, many test round before I will accept a suitable load combination with a single weapon.
.223/5.56 - H4895 - 75gr Hornady AMax - 20inch with 1 in 8 twist - 2677fps - two to three touching out of five, all within two inches at 100 yards over bags.
.223/5.56 - IMR4895 - 50gr Dogtown HP - 18 1/2 inch with 1 in 14 twist - 3017fps - many times two touching, all five within two inches at 100 yards over bags.

Varget hasn't made in with me and as I don't care for the perceived concussion, most likely never will be tested.

IMR4350 - 150gr JSPBT - 18 1/2 inch with 1 on 10 twist - 2531fps - hard ball size any time.

Most of my 223/5.56 and 308/7.62 loads are with 748. I have preferred loads for the 223/5.56 in 50gr, 55gr, 63gr bullet weights and for 308/7.62s, in 147gr and 150gr.

The point is each weapon/shooter and combination of components will act differently. As near to being the exact same loadings fired in duplicate weapons will give differing results, sometimes a big difference. Try several and determine what you and your weapon/s like. That is to me the fun of shooting.

Enjoy and be safe,

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