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There are so many choices... so many of which might or might not work for you. The trick is to buy a high quality gun which fits your hand and you can shoot well. In the end as others have stated in terms of accuracy it is more about the Indian than the arrow. A Hi Point is mechanically more accurate than 95% of shooters are but that does not mean all of us can shoot a Hi Point well.

For me if you are willing to spend a $1000 get a stock gun like a Browning Hi Power, CZ 75B, Sig P226 or a 1911 in 9m. All these are sub $800 guns NIB the CZ is the best bang for the buck.

Shoot the crap out of it. Shoot 1000 to 2000 rounds out of the sucker. Then send it off to the custom smith of your choice. Talk to the smith tell them what you like and what you do not like about the way the stock gun is shooting. They can then help you setup the perfect custom gun. Before you have shot a few thousands rounds out of a platform you do not know what you really like or do not like about it.

This is cost you a bit more than $1000 but you will end up with a one of a kind built for you gun and in the end that is as close to perfection as we are going to get. IMHO

Just so you know I am not blowing smoke here is my personal result of this exact process.....

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