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I am not giving relevance to either study. I am saying that I have seen lot of real live people and critters shot with lots of different things and I tend to believe in things that I see.

Not everything can be replicated in a lab. The very proof of the lab is field testing. How do the rounds predicted in the lab to be great really work in real live shootings? Take that VS what DOES a 125 grn 357 mag bullet at 1400 FPS look like in gelatine? Why does it fail the FBI protocol when in fact it works very well on the street?

The 357 Sig is used by 10 State police agencies and works very well on real BG's. It is a modern high energy round.

What that means to the original question is energy is very important.

481, don't take this wrong, I am very much a proponent of shot placement, I have never stated otherwise. But, for anyone to tell me basically " Are you going to believe me or your lying eye's" speaks of BS.

What I have said all along is that none of the people doing these "studies" for coin are above fudging the data to make their point and I pointed that out. If the IWBA was not blowing smoke why then is it gone? Why did the FBI run them off?
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