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Sounds like a Glock 19....
Trust me the irony isn't lost on me.

It is locked back for now so hopefully that helps. The extractor seems fine as does the ejector. I didn't think about loading up the mags, but that's a good idea too will do when I get home. Worst comes to worse I will try a different recoil spring, but I am hoping I can break this one in.

I also wanted to add to my above comment, that I'm a firearms noob, and my experiences should be taken with a grain of salt.
Not at all. From what I've read it's an inconsistent problem with it appearing for some P30s but not all. I have been feeding it a better diet and it likes that.

Is it that the ejection isn't as vigorous as you'd like?
It's that the ejection pattern for 115 gr ammo has been very rearward.
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