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The pinned barrels were eliminated in 1982, prior to the CNC machines.

There were "transition" revolvers made subsequent to 1982. These had either a pinned barrel, or recessed cylinder. Usually one or the other but not both. These were done as S&W used up parts in inventory. The pinned barrel, in addition to helping visually date the revolver, is indicative of more hand fitting and quality control as well.

The crush fitting of the barrels evidently took S&W some time to master. Today they evidently can't even align the barrels properly, going by the amount of canted S&W barrel threads on the net.

Out of six brand new S&W revolvers at the LGS, four had varying degrees of canted barrels. Two had absolutley lousy crowns on their barrels.

They must have job corp graduates assembling their revolvers these days.

No matter, plenty of nice P&R examples still available for much less than the asking price of current production. Regards 18DAI
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