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Let's use some logic here...

There are a number of importers/sellers whose businesses are largely derived from the importation of this ammunition.

Have we heard ANYTHING about this from any of those individuals/businesses?

Have we heard ANYTHING about this from any of the industry groups?

Have we heard ANYTHING about this from any of the anti-gun groups?

Think there might be a reason for that?

Next, let's look at the concept of the US Secretary of State going hat in hand to the United Nations (just who, in the UN, or did she address the entirety of the organization?) and asking that organization to intervene in what even the UN admits would be trade situation between two individual nations?

Think that's kind of suspect?

Next, let's look at the concept of trade between two individual nations. If the US wanted to stop important of a product from another soverign nation, there are already mechanisms in place in US law to do so, even to the point of President Obama issuing an executive order to halt the importation of the ammo, the same way Bush I did to a bunch of semi-autos in 1989?

See all the problems here?

It's not hard to see where all of this is really started. It's an off shoot of the "The UN is going to ban all of my guns!" hysteria that was going around the net for the past what, 18 months?

In short, it's a conspiracy theory with absolutely no basis in reality.
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