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Just shoot em behind the shoulder. Works every time if you're using anything close to the right bullet. But, there are extremes to consider. A 400 pound hog shot behind the shoulder with a 40 grain varmint bullet from your 223 might not be anything more than irritated. I hear those store-bought 64 grain Winchester PP rounds are more than adequate.

As for where are the hogs...they love acorns. Can't get enough acorns. Hunting from an elevated position downwind of the acorns or even in the midst of an acorn flat is good. Hunting in a 'traffic' area is good - between where the hogs bed down and where the acorns are, in the early morning and late evening. That has worked for me real well. If they can't get acorns, they'll sure come to corn, so if the blind overlooks a corn feeder or a corn fed road you're in good shape.

Shoot one for me....and remember that even though you may have a dead hog laying next to the feeder, that doesn't mean the hunting is over. Sometimes they'll come back in a little while.

Take a thermos of coffee with you, and binocs. A snack is good if you'll be in the blind for hours. A decent sized plastic water bottle is good to have if you need to pee. I wear some old frayed camo cotton gloves so that when I use the binocs it's harder for pigs, or deer, to see those white freckled hands of mine. And, usually I'll wear some sort of camo face covering. I rarely use any sort of scent masking chemical, but prefer to just get downwind. If you're in a box blind, the scent issue isn't that big a deal, but still needs to be considered.

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