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Originally Posted by Nanuk:
Semantics, manipulation is manipulation. I am not ignoring anything, I know what I have seen and what has worked on the street and what has not worked on the street.
OK, then hide behind the claim "that it's all semantics". Whether you accept it or not, one (ruling out invalid/unusable data) is a legitimate practice whereas the other (manipulating vaild data through ommission or alteration) is not.

Originally Posted by Nanuk:
I know for a fact that if you take a 38 special +P 125 grain JHP which is a marginal stopper and increase the velocity by 500 FPS and call it a magnum it works very well on people.
Your single point of data (that .38 caliber 125 gr. JHP at 1450 fps) is incomplete in that it fails to consider what anatomical structures/tissues are hit and damaged- a factor that has great significance as to how well a specific bullet will work on people. M&S's concept of "stopping power" treats every unfired bullet as having the same impact velocity, same expansion, same retained weight, same amount and type of tissue damage as another bullet of the same type and loading- reality be damned. This tremendous assumption is the other great failing point of M&S's concept of "stopping power".
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