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There's a fundamental difference between the two acts (the selection of viable data versus the falsification and manipulation of outcomes) that you are either unaware of or have simply chosen to ignore.

Wolberg excluded incomplete/inapplicable data that had no chance of providing the information that he needed by eliminating hits to bony tissues and wound tracks that left the bodies of his subjects.

Marshall and Sanow manipulated their outcomes to arrive at a desired conclusion, hence the highly suspect results and falisfied data uncovered in the statisitcal analysis here-
Semantics, manipulation is manipulation. I am not ignoring anything, I know what I have seen and what has worked on the street and what has not worked on the street. I know for a fact that if you take a 38 special +P 125 grain JHP which is a marginal stopper and increase the velocity by 500 FPS and call it a magnum it works very well on people.
My rifle and pistol are tools, I am the weapon.

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