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HK P30 Woes

Hi all,
I posted this on the HK forums. What follows is a summary of my first week with my HK P30. Maybe it will help some others who run into the same issues.

So I have read the threads that talk about breaking in a P30. I just picked mine up today. I cleaned it, lubed it, and took it to the range. First I ran 100 rds of 124 gr American Eagle. Most of the rounds ejected straight back, some to the right, some even to the left. I had no malfunctions, stoppages, at all. But the rearward ejection has me worried. I tried 100 115 gr Federal Champion just to see not expecting it to be better. Most of these ejected rearward into my chest and arms, some ended up going to the left?, and some just sort of popped out and dropped right down. I never had any of these issues with my brand new P2k, USPc, or HK45c out of box. In fact I broke in a new P2k with the same 115 gr ammo last month, no issue.

Should I be worried? I have some Winchester NATO I plan to put through tomorrow. I expected some weak ejection but this is more than that. Any thought are appreciated.

Update 9/30:
Another 300 rounds through today. 100 rds of Winchester Nato went 6 feet out at 3 to 4 o'clock. Same with 20 rds of 124 gr +P Speer Gold Dots. 100 rds of AE 147 gr went about the same distance, slightly more rearward at 4 to 5 o'clock. Finished up with another 100 rds of 115 gr Federal Champ. Same issues present themselves. Most cases ejecting rearward or skipping off my right arm.

I'm inclined to say the recoil spring at this point. My only question is I have 500 rds through the gun at this point and it's still doing this. How long might I expect the break-in to be?

On a positive note, the accuracy of this gun with the stock DA/SA trigger is amazing. I can use a blank sheet of white paper if need be and just make groups inches apart. I also wasn't remotely sore with 300 rds downrange today and I haven't shot that much at once in some time.

Update 10/1:
I'm leaving it locked back all this week and I spend a few minutes each day just cycling it by hand. I have another 200 rds of hotter stuff to run through it this weekend, and I hope it will start running the 115 gr.

A call to Hk was somewhat less than helpful. First they blamed it on the break in, but said that should be 500 rounds. When I said I had done that then they quite bluntly blamed me saying I was limp wristing and to be sure to grip tightly. When I mentioned I didn't have any issues with any of my other 9mm HKs they said "well the P30 is a completely different design". I replied, "well it's not radically different from the P2000, a brand new one of which I broke in last month with 115 gr out of box". At this point I got the silent treatment, literally the guy just stopped talking to me. Gentleman seemed very annoyed to have me on the phone. I know a quick response would be, "well what did you expect?", and honestly that's true I guess. It's not truly malfunctioning so what can I expect. Seems weird though to spend thousands of dollars with a manufacturer and have them give you attitude, reminiscent of SIG.

Maybe it is me, idk. I'm hitting the gym again all this week to try and mitigate me. I brought one shooter last time who also had the issue, I'll try another one this time too. My enthusiasm has waned a bit tbh.
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