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Brian, you are correct that I misinterpreted it – but only somewhat. The Lee guy said “bullet should not enter case with slight finger pressure.” What is implied (to me) by that remark is that the bullet can enter the case with FIRM finger pressure. If the Lee rep really meant that you should not be able to push a bullet into the case at all, then why did he use the expression “slight finger pressure”?

I neck sized so I can push a bullet in with firm finger pressure, but apparently I need to press down harder on the press (or screw the Collet Die a touch more) so that a bullet cannot be inserted AT ALL with finger pressure. Is that the consensus?
Sorry, I actually responded yesterday but I was in a tree stand with variable cell service, apparently it didn't go through...

Anyway, as I said before, you should never be able to seat a bullet by hand... no way, no how. Even using the seating die in the press, which gives you considerable leverage, you should notice definite resistance when seating. You should need a hammer to seat a bullet by hand.

wnnchester is correct on his adjustment suggestions. You don't need exactly the 25 pounds that Lee suggest. Once the collets are closed, they're closed, and more pressure doesn't do anything.
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