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That's too funny Seven. I often feel that way about the computers in my life.

I am confused about the ammo thing. I would have assumed that 40 grains (since it's more) then 36 grains, is a hotter load, ie more powerful. Is that not the case? I ask because I had some ammo .22 ammo that was too 'hot' (or so I was told) for my .22 High Standard double nine revolver, yet worked fine in the auto. And I had been told (again, just repeating something here) that semi-auto's needed a more powerful round then the revolver could handle.

The last time I shot regularly, I was a kid and .22 ammo seemed to be .22 ammo. I don't ever remember having to have different rounds between my semi-auto rifle I had then and the revolver. Ammo seems to have evolved a lot in those 25+ years.
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