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gun, magazine or ammo?

so i picked up a yugoslvian rpk not to long ago , i went out to shoot it for the first time, i load it up pull the trigger bang, i pull the trigger again and click . i look and the case is stuck. i open it up and the bolt is stuck on the case so i use a knife to release it it comes of i take it all out and the case is still stuck so i pull on it and put a cleaning rod through it and pushed it right out. i load it up again shoot it a couple times and it does the same thing. it does this about 5 times in 20 shots so i was getting tired of striping it and doing all that, this was with the metal magazine that came with it, so in a last attempt of hope i switch to the polymer mag i bought for it. i start shooting and it worked great no hicups i could only put about a 100 through it that day . i went home cleaned it and the other day i went shooting again only using the polymer mag this time, it was working fine but every 1 in 10 shots the bolt wouldnt catch the neck of the case all i had to do with pull it back and grab the bullet reload it and it would work fine for a little bit, alot less hassle then before but still annoying, what is causing this and can i fix it myself or will i need to bring it in
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