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Also glad that you are doing OK. I am guessing it is much more difficult to get proper healthcare/aftercare for a GSW in Pakistan than it is in places such as Europe and the US. You might consider investing in some kind of a serious Trauma kit; they are not that much money.

Unless these bad guys had a reason to go after YOU (they know something with a lot of value is in your home etc) I doubt they will be back after you unloaded some lead at them. I would like to thing bad guys are the same the world over; they would rather rob a weak unarmed target than a target they know to be armed, arert and ready.

Some other food for thought; if there IS a reason for these people to target you, maybe you are a high profile person; you have lots of valuables around etc you might consider investing in some body armor for you and your loved ones.
I do not know if vests are legal in Pakistan or not but I would imagine they can at a worst case be found "under the table". It might be time to invest in an upgrade of your firepower too; if owning rifles like fully or semi-automatic AK type rifles is legal and you expect the bad guys to be coming back it would probably be a good idea to have one or two at the ready in your home.
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