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Things you dislike to see on milsurps

I have gone to many gunshow over the years to include a huge one recently in Dallas Texas. Never could resist the urge to examine the milsurps as I made my way around. As I examined many milsurps, several things always turned me off:

1. Sporterization: I have seen outstanding custom quality sporters, however what irks me is seeing the original stock cut and sanded and the front sight cut off. Then the guy wants the same price for his prize as if the gun was in its original military condition. A dealer I know calls these "Bubba jobs"

2. Crests ground off

3. Importers marks. Sure I understand laws, but why such large conspicuous letters on the slide, the receiver, or the frame. I always appreciated when importers places their marks inconspicuously near the end of the barrel or other inconspicuous places.

I was curious if any of you have similar thoughts.
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