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My spending has essentially been strangled in the last year. I have the skills portion of my law enforcement certification coming up, which is a $12k bomb right there, my wife is in grad school for her ACNP degree, and we have a 1-year-old.

The old deal was that we each got $40 a pay period to do whatever we want with, which I was able to supplement by teaching CCW classes. I got to keep all the money I made doing that. But I'm not a primary instructor, and I haven't been able to get in on a class since April. Our numbers have really dried out. And $20 a week means not a lot of shooting gets done, as I can either choose to save for guns or buy a little ammo. Plus if I buy lunch at work ever, it goes fast.

My wife does have a bit of a control issue and probably spends at least as much as I do on my hobbies on things for my son that he doesn't actually need, but I still feel guilty pointing that out because it's not actually for 'her.'

Honestly we're just not at a stage in life where we can afford to make purchases like guns without a lot of prior planning, saving, and mutual consultation.
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