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Military Standard of a 5-inch group with iron sights at 100 yards
5 MOA with Iron sights using military spec M855.

I would actually call that pretty respectable. Shooting that with a magnified optic using match grade ammo, wouldn't be very good.

The spec for the M-14 was 8 MOA with M80 Ball which doesn't have a seperate steel penetrator that can be assembled out of the centerline of the bullet and cause wobble.

It is true however, if you want a super accurate gun, Colt 6920 ISN'T the way to go. (No combat rifle is)

Something with a high quality stainless or standard chrome-moly free float barrel with give much better accuracy and if you are chiefly worried about accuracy and not so much reliability, a nice tight .223 Remington chamber and staying with match rounds will help alot.

Thanks for the link.
I am no longer participating in gun forums.

Good luck.
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