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jsmaye, no, this is not correct. This idea began to evolve after WWII with the introduction of intermediate rounds. A typical light ball round flying at around 2700fps to 2900fps will, when sighted in +2" at 100 yards, be 0" at 200 yards, and -10" at 300 yards.

A battle sight setting was not needed. 100 meters was 100 meters, 200 was 200, etc.

It's only after the intermediate rounds were introduced that the battle sight setting came about, as illustrated on this SKS sight:
What I was saying was that the WWI-era rifles were expected to be shot at battlefield ranges, before the short-range house-to-house/jungle tactics that were required later. Sighting a rifle for those ranges meant it would shoot high at 100-200 yards by design. That's why there are so many posts about somehow raising the front sight when the rear sight is already bottomed out.
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