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and colt only requires a 5 MOA 10 shot group from the factory, which for 1k I'd expect more.
I have seen you post this a couple of times.

Do you have a link or something to back this up?

I have never seen an accuracy requirement other than for M855 shot out of a military rifle, and that IS like 6 MOA but that is because of the ammo and the way it is constructed, not because of the base rifle.

So, hook us up with a link.
Here's an article in the american rifleman about milspec.

The first person I had heard it from was a friend of mine that used to be in my unit, but is now an armorer. If you saw some of the new M4s he showed me..... you'd cry.
I own to many AR pattern rifles, I guess that would make me a hoardAR
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