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I was spoiled by my Navy Arms replica of the Remington 1875 New Army revolver in .45 Colt I bought nearly thirty five years ago. It still runs like a top and has had thousands of rounds through it. All my other cowboy guns are modern and most Ruger. Of my fifty or so rifles my Uberti Henry rifle (also in .45 Colt) is by far my favorite.

I'm a professional project manager and we have to test for quality in something every day. I'm used to ensuring we deliver projects and products exactly per the requirements. I was kind of suprised that a known issue was in the market for sale. Especially from someone as good as Uberti. It probably would have surprised me even more if it had been Ruger.

Not the first time poor quality has slipped past a manufactuer. I bought one of the first Smith and Wesson built Walther PPK/S in .380. It had a hammer block recall that was not well published. My pistol went off in my house when I was preparing it for carry. I was in my gun room, put a round into battery, and dropped the decocker to put the pistol into a "safe" mode. The hammer block is supposed to prevent any contact between the hammer and firing pin. The pistol discharged and shot a hole clean through a Smith & Wesson aluminum performance center case. Needless to say, Smith & Wesson traded me any gun I wanted for that one.
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